Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cheap Chinese stuff floods the market

Can a Small Business Compete with China?
My wood flooring business competes directly with China every day!
Cheap imported wood flooring is flooding the U.S. market right now.
Most people just want cheap and convenient - at this moment.

I think LOCAL, use what I have right here that fills a local need.
I have to Be SMART, Flexible, Fast
I tell my local story every chance I get
Educating the consumer is a constant effort
I cut out all the middlemen/brokers/shippers/wholesalers
I sell finished wood products direct to the retail customer
I Install my wood products right in my customer’s home
Service after the sale keeps satisfied customers
I sell Solid, Natural, Unique, Custom-made works of wood art

A few people seem to appreciate the value of using local wood.


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